Yes, Dear Heart; calm.

Calm is the keyword, indeed. Without calm all is lost, indeed. Without calm there is misery. Without calm there is anarchy. “Anarchy,” we hear you say.

Yes, anarchy.

We are speaking about the brain, Dear Ones. The mind of man (or man’s brain) is controlled by the emotions.

Yes, this is correct, Dear Ones. Calm is an emotion.

Ahhhh, says the Little One; she did not know that ‘calm’ is an emotion.

Yes indeed; calm, and any other feeling, dearest, is an emotion.

There are many emotions. Are there not? Indeed yes, there are a multitude of emotions. Some cause distress, whilst others create calm.

When you consider the alternative, Dear Hearts, the emotion of ‘calm’ is a gentle, more agreeable emotion; to be sure.

Which emotion would you prefer? Would you prefer to feel agitated, or would you prefer to feel ‘calm’?

Always a choice, Dear Heart.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


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