Will We Slow Down?

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The Little One is concerned, Dear Hearts. She is concerned that we are posting too much! And yes, Dear Hearts, she asks whether or not we expect to slow down?

Firstly, dearest, our task is a huge one? Yes? The Little One agrees, Dear Hearts. Indeed our task will be on-going for millennia, so to speak; we are currently only beginning. To appreciate the enormity of the task at hand, we would like to make some points to consider.

    • The old will continue for some good time. That is, the new is to be introduced slowly. And why is it to be introduced slowly? It is to be introduced slowly because it cannot be any other way.
    • There will be revolt for many:  There is to be a revolution of thinking for the masses over time.
    • Many will refuse. Amongst those who have agreed to the new, there will be a percentage who will ‘defect’. That is, Dear Hearts, they will choose to delay, and become part of the percentage who have agreed to disagree. This is inevitable, dearest, and is allowed for in the overall scheme.
    • Of those who agree to become a part of the new there will be a percentage who will adhere to the old in ‘public’, as it were. They will not have the courage of their convictions, and remain in the closet, so to speak.
  • Many shall be witness to the changes occurring; however, will hide in the confines, in the shadows.

Do you understand, dearest? Do you appreciate what it is we are saying, dearest? Change is inevitable; however, it shall be slow to come, indeed.

Therefore, dearest, we shall take the stand, as it were, to pursue with the gusto appropriate to the condition. That is; we shall inundate the majority, over and over again, with the information needed to secure their attention. Yes?

Yes, I appreciate what you are saying. Change is slow. Individuals, for the most part, are happy to remain as they are, rather than to change, because with change comes fear of the unknown.

Indeed, dearest; fear of the unknown, indeed.

The Little One wonders how many of those who have agreed to be a part of the new will actuate their agreement.

We envisage a low percentage to begin, dearest. In numbers it reaches into thousands upon thousands globally. This number will slowly increase over time until it becomes mainstream, Dear Heart.

The Little One wonders when that will be.

Slowly but surely the new will be evidenced by many millions by the end of the century, dearest. Many millions will agree to Love and Perfection as their byword.

Yes indeed; a small beginning to be sure, Dear Heart; though a strong and resilient beginning; to be sure.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

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