Around and around and around we go!   Where we stop, nobody knows.

Welcome, dearest; welcome to the new. It is a pleasure to see you here reading our words, dearest. We hold a special interest in welcoming new readers. Were it not for ‘new readers’ the advent of the new beginning for Earth could not, nor would not be. This is truth, Dear Heart, indeed.

We have, through our dearest one, Carolyn, told of the new beginning for Earth; the new beginning being one of Love and Perfection. This, and many more interesting facts are within the words scribed by our dearest one, Carolyn, over the past many months. (Our wish is for you to avail yourself of the facts, Dear Heart. Indeed, avail yourself of that which is to become the norm as we venture forward together to the new.)

Our dearest, Carolyn, has been a willing scribe for many years, Dear Hearts. Hers is a joyful work, to be sure. We keep our Dear One ‘up to date’; indeed we do. Do we not, Dear Heart?

Yes, I believe you do.

Indeed, dearest, indeed. And now; another piece of the new, Dear Heart; another first, to be sure. Does this interest you, dearest?

Of course, yes, it interests me greatly!

Indeed, dearest, indeed. On we go with the new:

Over the coming months there is to be a groundswell of Light Workers reading the material gathered here, upon this website; to be sure, Dear Hearts. We envision many hearing our words through our dearest, Carolyn. She has not an idea, as yet, of which we speak. Do you not, dearest?

No, I am quite busy listening and typing. Though, I’m very interested to hear more.

Indeed, dearest, indeed. Ours is a pleasant task this day, dearest. Our intention is to explain another beginning, to be sure.

Our Dear Heart, Carolyn, is to be seen. Yes she is. Our Dear One shall make videos, Dear Hearts. Indeed she will. She shall make videos and shall place them here on the screen, Dear Hearts.


We pause whilst the Little One takes within this information, Dear Hearts. We have planted this seed within her mind, and it has slowly been taking root. Has it not, dearest?

Yes it has. I don’t know that I am quite ready for this ‘new beginning’; though, I’m sure it will happen, at the appropriate time. So yes, it is taking root, as you say.

Indeed, dearest, indeed; another new beginning for you, dearest, to be sure.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


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