Indeed, Dear Heart, we are here, once again, to speak upon the heartache of negativity.

Much has been written, Dear Heart. Indeed, many have written upon the subject of negativity. However, Dear Heart, the truth of the matter is this:

Negativity is a constant. Hear what we say, Dear One. Negativity is a constant.

Many disagree; however, when taken in the light of understanding; negativity is indeed a constant.

To those who disagree we say:

Go your way, Dear Heart. Go your way through life and you will soon discover the error in your thinking. If it is to be so for you, Dear Heart, we wish you well upon your journey. Should you continue to believe that negativity is not a constant; we salute you, Dear Heart.

However, should you be one who recognises the truth of this statement:

Negativity is a constant; we salute you without malice.

The Little One winces. Do you not, dearest?

Yes I do. I don’t understand the aggression of your tone!

It is not aggression, dearest. It is truth.

Why then do you say: We salute you without malice?

Is this not what humans do, dearest? They use language to incite, to cause ridicule; language that is critical, judgmental, harmful, and most important of all:

Language that causes each one to feel superior.

Yes, I see this happening, particularly when the individuals are ‘safe’, as when conversing over the internet, on social networks, etc.

Indeed, dearest, this is truth. Is it not?

Yes it is. It is a sad condition of human nature.

And this is what we had planned for you this day, dearest. We had planned for you, and for your readers, to address this aspect of negativity; the insidious negativity that alarms and contrives, dearest. It contrives its worst when it is hidden, so to speak; when it is anonymous.

We ask for you, and for your readers, dearest, to be aware of the language used when anonymity reigns; for, this is when the activity of negativity is at its worst.

Anonymity is the cauldron of negativity.

Alas and alarm.

Expect the anonymity syndrome, Dear Heart. Expect; and do not be alarmed.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World