We delight, Dear Ones, we delight to inform you. That is right, Dear Hearts. We delight to inform you. Sounds funny! The Little One smiles, Dear Hearts, and wonders what mischief we are planning.

We won’t delay, dearest, we shall inform you of the mischief…….  No, it is not mischief, dearest; it is interesting material, to be sure.

Ours is a pleasant task. Is it not, dearest? Are we not the fortunate ones? Are we not geared for enjoyment, pleasure, contentment and glory, dearest? The Little One is somewhat confused by our rhetoric. Are you not, Dear Heart?

Yes, you could say I am a little confused; however, I’m enjoying the light-heartedness. Please go on.

Indeed we shall, dearest, indeed we shall.

Once upon a time there were……  No, once again we jest, dearest.

What is it that we wish to inform this day? We wish to inform, all who so choose to read, that we, like you, Dear Heart, enjoy banter. That is right, Dear Heart. We enjoy bantering with those of a similar understanding.

We see this amongst many upon Earth (within the Earth Fantasy, to be more correct). Do we not? Yes, indeed we do. And this we say to you.

Do not be afraid to do likewise, Dear Hearts. Banter, amongst those of like mind, does indeed ‘lift the spirit’. Does it not? Yes, indeed it does.

We shall leave you with this observation, dearest.

We see all things; the good, the not so good, and those who refuse to see. Allow the light heartedness to prevail, Dear Hearts.



This allows you to enter the vibrations which ‘allow in’ the energies of love and good will, indeed.


The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World