Waiting For The Day

Indeed, dearest, we are waiting for the day when the Light Workers of the World stand tall; indeed we are. And what do we mean by ‘stand tall’? What is meant is this:

The Light Workers of the World are currently here and there. They are like flotsam upon the water, dearest. They are ‘un-united’, to be sure. And why is this the case, dearest? This is the case because this is as it is intended. The Little One is surprised. Are you not, dearest?

Yes and no. I appreciate that there are as many beliefs as there are individuals upon the Earth; each has their own particular understanding, so to speak. There may be similarities; however, no one individual will have precisely the same beliefs as another; even within the same philosophy. Though, having said that, I do find it a little disordered for the Light Workers of the World to be in that arena, too; i.e., having so vast chasms of belief within our ranks.

Yes indeed, dearest, it would seem that this is indeed the case. However, dearest, in the not too distant future there will be a ‘coming together’, as it were, of many Light Workers. This has been prearranged, dearest. We say ‘prearranged’, Dear One, and shall bring together many Light Workers. This will bring unity to bear upon many who are now distant and remote. The Little One has an appreciation of this. Do you not, Dear Heart?

Yes. As is the case when we converse, I am given an ‘overview’, so to speak. This happens instantly and I am then aware of the future event. I believe that what I have been shown is a coming together of many Light Workers who have not been engaged, or in direct communication with those Light Workers who connect, as such. The Light Workers who shall be ‘coming together’ will be more of those who do not appreciate their role as Light Workers. More succinctly: Those individuals who are within society whose values are to further the human experience by their desires for a better world. They may not even know (consciously) anything about Light Workers, so they will not have any preconceived ideas, nor barriers before them.

Yes indeed, dearest, your appreciation is correct. There will be a groundswell of Light Workers who agree that the end result will be grand, indeed. We await this happenstance with much great pleasure, Dear Heart, and know that you will too.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

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