It is not a crime; however, Dear Heart, to not ‘live life’ to the full seems to be as a crime. Does it not?

I appreciate how hard life can be for some; though, life is so precious to me; I find it hard to think of ‘not living life to the full’. And yet, I have memories (particularly when quite young) of thinking that I only had to endure ‘life’ for a finite time, and then I would be free from the pain and misery I perceived life to be. So, yes, I do now appreciate the point you have made, yet I also understand how and why some wish for ‘life’ to end.

Indeed, dearest, your life has been a rough road, at times, to be sure, Dear Heart. And pray tell, what brought about the change for you?

It was probably when I first had a ‘spiritual’ experience in my early thirties. A spiritual being offered me succour when I was in a time of great dread with illness and a very unhappy marriage.

Yes, dearest, do go on.

The spirit being presented in the form of Lord Jesus. He explained that it wasn’t my time to pass, and I had a rough road to travel; though, all would come right eventually. A few years later began a chapter containing spirit beings and channelling, holding spiritual circles and the like. During this time I began to accept ‘life’, and no longer wanted to harm myself; nor did I wish for my life to end. You could say, I began to change for the better.

Indeed, dearest, we know this is true for you. And now, Dear Heart?

Life is very different now. I now know that there is purpose to life. I now know my purpose is to assist the change (imminent for the Earth Fantasy) by what I am doing right now typing at the keyboard, as it were. I now know my purpose as a Light Worker is to perfect myself; a task that brings me great rewards, such as inner peace and calm (something that alluded me for many years).

I can’t say that I don’t have desires. I’d love to have more contact with others. For the most part, I live quietly (I appreciate the work I am doing is best done under such conditions). Though, I am a social creature and really enjoy being with others.

Dancing with my life partner, Keith, is such a joy (something we’ve only recently been able to do again, due to the illness I suffered).

I absolutely adore my daughter, Veronica, and delight in her company once or twice weekly for lunch and, generally, very in-depth discussions regarding the task we’ve volunteered to do as Light Workers – perfecting ourselves.

From a very early age I recognised that I was different to all. Today I am very pleased to be who I am; yet hope the future brings more joy and company, such as Keith and Veronica.

Indeed, dearest, and so it shall.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

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