Indeed, dearest, we have fun, to be sure. Fun is a constant when perfection is gained. Indeed, Dear Heart, it is a necessary part of being perfection.


The Little One is thinking, Dear Hearts. She is thinking ‘how fun looks’ as a consciousness. Are you not, Dear Heart?

Yes I am.

Do we joke? Do we engage in friendly repartee? I can’t quite imagine what ‘fun’ looks like as a consciousness!

Indeed, dearest, we understand. And yes, Dear Heart, we do indeed engage in friendly repartee. This surprises our Dear Heart. Does it not, dearest?

Yes, it does. And yet I’m very pleased to learn that we have fun. I do enjoy having fun. It would be quite boring without fun.

Indeed, dearest, and we know what boredom creates. Do we not?

Yes. I don’t believe there is a need to explain the effects of boredom to our readers. Boredom is something all can relate to. So yes, I’m very pleased to know we have fun, and friendly repartee.

To be sure, Dear Heart.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


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