The Little One, Carolyn, understands that in order to remain in a positive vibe, needs determination and grit. Does it not, dearest?

Yes it does. I have come to understand that positivity can be fleeting, indeed.

Yes, dearest, do go on.

I am appreciating that the closer we come to the perfected state the more we have to lose, so to speak. Today my daughter, Veronica, and I were chatting. To enlighten our readers I shall give a little update:

Veronica and I have been working together to resolve our ‘past’ issues. We are in constant contact whenever either of us has a need to talk. Any small thing that causes either of us discomfort is open for discussion. Neither of us allows anything to remain a problem; we appreciate the need to resolve any mind confusion or discomfort quickly and thoroughly. Because of this ‘work’ upon ourselves we now enjoy (for the most part) freedom from fear of the past, and the present. We have been advised by The Collective Consciousness that the rewards of this work are great and grand. Both of us are now experiencing many freedoms on many levels. However, we have come to recognise, this day, the validity of something we were advised of some years ago. That is:

There is always the need of vigilance. No matter how much we progress toward the perfected state, the mind’s basic state of negativity returns – certainly not to the extent of years past; though, sufficiently for us both to realise the insidious nature of our consciousness. Knowing this, and being prepared for this, we understand the need to remain aware of this and consciously override this pattern with overwhelming positivity.

We both, this day, agreed to remain vigilant in this regard, in order for our very pleasant lives to remain pleasant; knowing that, just as our lives have been improving to date, by ‘this’ means our lives will continue to improve as we face the challenges to come.

Hear, hear, dearest, and well done. Yes, there is a need for constant vigilance, to be sure. That which we are remains a constant, dearest, indeed. Only a consciousness that remains vigilant has success; indeed, Dear Heart.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

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