We would like to speak about grandeur, Dear Heart. Many are confused by grandeur. Many believe grandeur and excellence ought not play a part in their lives. Indeed, many Light Workers believe grandeur belongs not to them. We care not for this understanding, Dear Ones. We want for you to have the best that is on offer; indeed, Dear Hearts.

It is not uncommon for Light Workers to think they must forego grandeur; believing it to be an egotistical journey (for want of a better term, you understand, Dear Ones).

No indeed, grandeur, and all that grandeur implies, is the end result. Indeed, Dear Ones, grandeur is to be expected when you journey toward perfection. For, Dear Hearts, the mind of man shall wander the corridors of grandeur when it has completed the task of releasing all that is not grandeur.

Do you understand, Dear Ones? Those images you carry within your mind; the images of heartache and pain, once released, allow the more pleasant images, desires and appreciations to enter. Do they not, Dear Heart? We speak with our Dear Heart, Carolyn.

Yes, this has certainly been the case for me. I didn’t believe the ‘nicer’ things in life were for me. I have only truly appreciated this state of mind recently. I understand ‘now’ that what kept me from accepting my right to appreciate the finer things in life were the imaginings of guilt, shame, even self loathing, and definitely self criticism. Once released, I found myself enjoying the finer things until now where I expect the nicer things in life to come to me; and I appreciate this so very much.

Yes indeed, dearest, this is indeed true for you; and shall be the case for all Light Workers as they shed the images, and ill feelings, of the past.

And this we have on offer for all Light Workers. Yes indeed, it requires much hard work on your behalf to rid the body, and the mind, of those illusions you have tucked away for safe keeping! Indeed, many ‘enjoy’ their safe hideaway within the mind’s illusions.

You think not, Dear Ones? You think that you do not enjoy harbouring the thoughts of old; those illusions you carry within? Think again, Dear Hearts; if it is freedom from pain; if it is freedom to become ‘all that you are’, it will be necessary to release those energies of the past (and present) that haunt you. Indeed it will, Dear Ones, indeed it will.

Now; is it freedom that you want, or do you consider ‘freedom’ to be out of your grasp?

Firstly there is a need to investigate your ‘safe haven’. Are you safe in your haven of pain, Dear Heart? Would you not prefer to be as the Little One; free to roam the nicer aspects of life, released from the pain of the past, or not?

This is always a choice, Dear One. Always a choice.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

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  1. Sometimes we are afraid of leaving our comfort zones. So we hide in that past. I guess we need to learn how to take chances.

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    1. Carolyn Page says:

      Yes Kim, well said. I suppose it’s like stepping into the unknown – a little scary and awkward. Yet, when it’s done it can be so wonderful… 🙂

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