Richness in all things, Dear Heart, this is what really counts. Do you understand, dearest? Seeking richness in all things is what really counts, to be sure, Dear Heart. The Little One is confused. Are you not, dearest?

Yes, I’m a little confused. Please go on.

Right, yes, Dear Heart, we shall go on…

Seeking richness, sounds funny, Dear Heart, indeed. Does it not?

If you mean seeking to the fullest extent, going to the outermost corners, seeking the greatest fulfilment, colour, meaning, etc., etc., then this richness would be pleasurable and satisfying. Is this what you mean?

Somewhat, dearest. Richness in all things has a tendency to be grand. Does it not?

Yes, I believe it does; though, I rather enjoy ‘this type of grandiosity’.

Indeed, dearest, we know this to be true for you. However, Dear Heart, there be many who are afraid of grandiosity. Are there not?

I suppose, yes, this is the case. Many may be afraid to allow grandness into their lives.

Why, dearest?

I imagine some may feel they don’t deserve luxury and comfort.

Why is this, dearest?

Well, many have not realised their right to have luxuries and comforts.

Are you saying, dearest, that luxury and comfort are grand?

Yes, that is probably what I’m saying. I considered myself unworthy of luxury and comfort. It has only been quite recent that I now enjoy luxury and comfort, and feel quite deserving of being and having nice things surrounding me.

Indeed, Dear Heart, we know this is true for you. And what has created the change of mind?

I no longer criticise myself. I no longer worry, as once I did. I am even ‘more’ relaxed. My mind is calm. I believe it is because I no longer hold the self judgments I placed upon myself. I guess I am more self loving. Yes; I want myself to have the best that is available for me. I have worked hard upon myself, and now feel quite deserving.

Yes, indeed, dearest, you have indeed ‘worked hard upon yourself’. And you are saying that because of this you now deserve luxury and comfort?

Yes I am. I’m now happy to have whatever good is available for me, to flow to me.

Indeed, dearest; and so it shall.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World.