Negativity needs all of your strength to negate! Sounds funny; yes, it does indeed. However, Dear Friends, it is within your grasp. Is it not?


We would like to speak a little more regarding negativity. Indeed, this pastime is one that many enjoy.

“Enjoy,” we hear you say. Yes, Dear Hearts; enjoy. Why would you entertain negativity unless it was enjoyable? Does this not make sense, Dear Ones? Yes or no?


There be silence, Dear Hearts, indeed. We appreciate the silence, Dear Ones, for; this means we have added the essence of ‘confusion’ to the mind. Indeed we have. And why do we add confusion to the mind? We do this, Dear Hearts, in order for the mind to be stunned. This is so, Dear ones. When the mind is stunned an opening occurs. Do you appreciate what is meant by an ‘opening’? What is meant, Dear Hearts, is there develops an opening toward another understanding; an understanding that causes a cessation of a belief.

Have you had a cessation of a belief, Dear Heart? Are you now pondering the possibility of a change of belief? Has your original belief been usurped, Dear One? Your original, yet secret belief, that negativity was something that happened of its own accord.

Food for thought, our Little One, Carolyn, has uttered. Yes, Dear Heart, food for thought indeed.

Were it not for the intervention of ‘other possibilities’ entering the mind, there could be no change. The mind, or brain of man, would continue to brave its way through life, totally in charge, Dear Heart. We shudder at the thought, as does the Little One.

Indeed, Dear Hearts, our intention is to assist in the reorganisation of your thinking. This is indeed our desire for you:

To be open to other possibilities of thought; possibilities that will not only enhance your daily living, but also to broaden your thinking to include truth.

Indeed, the truth that shall set you free from the mind’s limited thought processes.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones, Many Blessings.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World