A hunting we will go; a hunting we will go.

Hi-ho the dairy’o, a hunting we will go.

And what are we hunting? We will tell you:

We are hunting life! Yes, that’s right. We are hunting life.

Sounds funny, we know; and yet, Dear Hearts; there be many who are hunting life. What do we mean by ‘hunting life’? We will tell you:

Those who be ‘hunting life’, Dear Hearts, are those who are not satisfied with the mundane. Are you such a one, Dear One? Are you ‘satisfied’ with all the comings and the goings of your days? Yes? No?

Were you to have answered yes, then so be it, dear friend. Go on your merry way and leave dissatisfaction to others. However, were you to have answered, no; we have a tale to tell.

Life, in all its comings and its goings, can become boring. Indeed, this is true, Dear Heart. It can, and does, become boring. And what shall we do with this boredom? Nothing, Dear Heart, we can do nothing with this boredom; for this is as it is, Dear Heart. Boredom begets boredom begets boredom. You get the drift.

Shall we embrace boredom, or shall we not allow the debilitating results of boredom to settle in? This is the quandary for those who feel boredom. To be, or not to be? This is the question.

Were you to allow boredom to ‘settle in’, dear one; you would be doing yourself an injustice; indeed. Therefore, Dear Heart, we have a dilemma. On the one hand we have boredom. On the other we have… Oh yes, Dear Heart; on the other, we have boredom. Sounds funny, yes; however, dear one, boredom begets boredom, etc., etc. You are getting the drift!

When boredom ‘settles in’ there can only be boredom. It remains, Dear Heart. It settles in leaving you bereft of imagination, bereft of enjoyment, bereft of positivity, bereft, bereft, bereft. Are you getting that drift, Dear Heart? It lingers. It manipulates the thinking. It causes you to ‘not care’, ‘not believe’. That’s right, Dear Heart; it causes negativity to become entrenched. This is surely does.

And so, Dear Heart, what can we do to circumnavigate boredom? Firstly, we can ensure positivity in our thinking by ensuring we understand the dilemma involved. By understanding that boredom will create negativity, we can ensure we reach, Dear Hearts. We can ensure we reach upward to the lighter energies.

And what are the lighter energies? The lighter energies are those that ensure we remain engaged in life; those energies of love, togetherness, companionship; imaginative conditions ensuring our never ending pleasure, both internal and external.

Indeed, Dear Heart; it is within our grasp, and ours alone.__________________

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World