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For The Light Workers of the World

Soon there is to be a need for The Light Workers of the World to stand and be counted. Yes, my friends, hiding from the truth will only do harm. Many, currently, hide behind their truth as they refuse to accept... Continue Reading →

Aging Backwards Video 2

Hello, Carolyn here, The second video in our Aging Backwards series is available for viewing. Should you feel you are a Light Worker and would like more understanding regarding the role of Light Workers, you may find our Free Book... Continue Reading →

Light Workers Will Unite

Over the coming years the Light Workers of the World will unite in ways that shall cause huge shifts in thinking. This is truth, Dear Hearts. They, the Light Workers, shall voice their views in regard to many issues concerning... Continue Reading →

Aging Backwards Video 1

My YouTube Channel Hello, Carolyn here..... The first video on my new YouTube Channel speaks in regards to Backwards Aging or Aging Backwards; a phenomenon that will become 'second nature' to the Light Workers of the World as they work... Continue Reading →

Bringing Of Light ~ The Third Book in Our Series, Dear Hearts.

           My YouTube channel, Dear Hearts. I hope you subscribe!  🙂 Our new book, Dear Hearts, is titled 'Bringing of Light'; yes, this is so, Dear Ones. In it, as promised, we have elucidated on those here within the... Continue Reading →

Aging Backwards ~ A Warning

One day there will be many discovering their younger selves, dearest, just as you are doing this day. Will they be happy? Indeed they will. Will they guarantee happiness? To themselves this will be done, dearest. We confuse our dearest.... Continue Reading →

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